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cultivating leadership

How do you lead and inspire the people in your community towards a common vision? The Cultivating Leadership Within Your Community workshop will provide attendees with hands-on training for building a culture of shared leadership, leveraging community engagement practices, building accountable committees and boards, understanding personal leadership style, and identifying "hidden" leaders in the community.  

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  • The history in our communities cannot be replaced once it's gone.

  • MMSC has space available for off-site training - contact us for details.

  • We love to Shop Small and support local businesses!

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The First Step in comprehensive revitalization of your downtown is to become a member of Missouri Main Street Connection!

  • "Downtowns are the soul and heartbeat of Missouri cities. They are the foundation and catalyst for growth in communities. The health and condition of downtown infrastructure is the barometer for cities’ futures. Through their programs and technical assistance, the Missouri Main Street Connection program is ready to partner in creating success stories for Missouri’s downtowns."

    Dan Ross, Executive Director

    Missouri Municipal League

  • “'Why Main Street?' you might ask.
    There is simply no more cost effective economic development program of any type, on any scale, anywhere in the country than Main Street… ”

    Donovan Rypkema


  • "Missourians—indeed, all Americans—are returning to our Main Streets. The original walkable and mixed-use neighborhoods are increasingly the choice for living, working, shopping, and recreating. They are big downtowns and small; they are squares and they are corridors. They have classic buildings and existing infrastructure. They represent our past, our present, and a heritage-based future. Investment in Main Streets reduces urban sprawl and encourages those ever-important human “collisions” on the street that foster economic creativity and community pride."

    Bob Lewis, Principal

    Development Strategies

  • “Without MO Main Street we never would have been recognized as one of the best downtowns in the nation. Over the past ten years Missouri Main Street Connection has helped us focus and learn best practices needed to implement a successful downtown revitalization plan. The resources they provide have been invaluable to us and having them as a partner makes us a better program.”

    Marla Mills, Executive Director

    Old Town Cape (Accredited Main Street Organization)

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November 13 - November 16
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