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Why your community should send people to MMSC Quarterly Trainings:

  1. Making sure that a variety of people from your community attend quarterly training will help develop leadership in your program at home. The more people that understand Main Street and contribute ideas for your program, the more that will be shaped as leaders for the future of your community. 

  2. It’s good to network, connect, and learn from other communities around the state and country. 

  3. MMSC works very hard to have good speakers that are informed about the subject matter, interesting to listen to, and up-to-date about Main Street methodology. Education is important when dealing with community development.

  4. You will make new friends! It is almost guaranteed that you will meet someone from another community that is dealing with the same problems you are, or have already been through the same situation and has some good advice for you.

  5. And the number one reason you should attend MMSC Quarterly Trainings is: You will always learn something! Even if it is a topic that you think you are not very interested in, you will find something to take home to try. 


Register for the March 12th Quarterly Workshop here.

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March 12, 2021 |  9:00AM - 4:00PM CST

We are excited to be partnering with Georgia Main Street on this workshop! In this workshop, five audiences will be identified as those to which you need to be able to communicate your brand. We will discuss creative ways to expand your brand and to communicate the value and importance of what your organization does for the community. 

This workshop offers a good opportunity to learn how to highlight the impact and value of your Main Street program. This training will teach you the tools to build the case for continued support and sustaining your organization in the future.

All attendees will learn from examples that will be shared from around the country.

About The Presenter:
is a place branding and economic development expert who has spent the last 18 years assisting communities to develop identities that attract investors and encourage private and public organizations to commit to community development projects that lead to economic vitality, environmental stewardship, and social advancement.

As a partner at Arnett Muldrow & Associates, Ben has designed creative branding and marketing systems in over 600 communities across 40 states and 5 countries, making him a true leader in place branding and cementing his ability to combine strategic planning, brand development, interactive marketing, public relations, and social media capabilities to preserve and promote the power of place. 

In the Main Street world, Ben is known as a true innovator. Not only has he introduced the Main Street world to branding, he has introduced the ideas of micro-retail incubation, retail master plans, the five audiences of Main Street, and most recently he has created a template adopted across the country to communicate the effectiveness of our local programs. Ben has spoken at 14 National Main Street Conferences, keynoted numerous state and regional Main Street conferences, and has spoken to over 250,000 people about the importance of America’s downtowns. A founding contributor of Proud Places, and collaborator with Reopen Main Street, Ben is passionate about the relationships between people and place.


More details and registration available here:  

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